A journey of fervent discoveries, lively passion and tenacious commitment, which began in the 1960s when Gianfranco Modenese laid the foundations for the success of the current relaxshoe Srl. Innovative, dynamic, lively, imaginative and cutting-edge. This is the spirit of relaxshoe Srl, this is the unmistakable style of its creations.

Gianfranco Modenese creates the commercial Modenese Srl Creazioni Luca Shoes
The company, known throughout the world for its sandals and women's shoes with anatomical insoles, a guarantee of comfort, relaxation and resistance and for its plastic boots and sandals, soon became a leader in Italy in exports to Germany, Scandinavia up to the United Arab Emirates.
relaxshoe Srl was born in 1984 and the first women's collection of leather shoes took shape, an expression of comfort and well-being. Galmod Srl was founded in 1985, a company producing injection-moulded plastic footwear, which in just a few years became an important private label company, capable of collaborating with well-known international brands thanks to its ability and flexibility. production, continuous innovation and evolution in the research of materials, shapes and colours.

Stimulating audacity, great temperament, firmness in choices and hard work are the foundations and heritage of what today has become a consolidated and recognized reality on the international scene.
Since 1999, Relaxshoe and Galmod have transformed into a single company that cleverly combines various brands within itself:
Relaxshoe, the historic brand, a must for the company aimed mainly at the foreign market.
Easy'nRose Classic, the top line in the range of leather shoes, more refined and exclusive.
Easy'nRose Free Life the youngest line from Relaxshoe, always in step with current trends.
Galmod, imagination and creativity in the world of plastic and rubber footwear.
Today Gianfranco Modenese can count on the collaboration of his sons Giuseppe and Paolo, who have inherited their father's legacy and his precious passion.
With them, Relaxshoe Srl is enriched with new impulses, ideas, projects to make the shoe increasingly an object of desire, which indispensably combines style, comfort and quality.

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